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"Let the body have its daily movements"



John Amos Comenius

Movement is life

In the lessons, I connect various approaches and experiences from the study of movement and its therapeutic potential. I draw on yoga, developmental kinesiology, somatic facilitation and movement therapy.

With my approach, I would like to support clients in the development of motor skills. And at the same time, through mindful movement, to give them confidence in their own body, to change their movement habits and in the possibilities of treating musculoskeletal problems.

Last but not least, I would like to lead them to a conscious flow on the wave of breath, to a more intense experience in space and to better concentration.

What can individual
lessons be useful for?

  • for posture improvement

  • for changes in movement stereotypes

  • for treating the musculoskeletal pain

  • for releasing the tension (on a physical and mental level)

  • for improvement of physical function through breathing techniques

  • for reducing the stress through relaxation techniques and activation of the parasimpatic nervous system

  • for improvement of proprioception and orientation in space, etc.

Who are individual lessons suitable for?


For anyone, regardless of age. What is important is the need for an individual approach and space for solving problems of the musculoskeletal system, to improve in specific movement skills, or to understand the context (posture, movement in everyday activities), etc. Whatever strikes you with regard to movement and the body can be the intention of an individual movement lesson. 

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