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Mindful movement

Movement lessons


Here is a basic overview of the lessons offered, which have their own structure. You can find out what such a usual lesson consists of and what precedes it in the description below.

But if another format suits you, I will be glad if you let me know and we will try to agree.

I'm quite flexible, so if you want to teach a lesson for a group of three friends, try to address me. The lesson can also be an one time lesson, with the client taking a movement plan for home practice from it.


Everything is by appointment.

Individual lessons

It is a movement lesson adapted to the specific needs and requirements of the client.


Before the lesson, I send a questionnaire, through which I would like to know about the movement habits / patterns, possible difficulties of the musculoskeletal system, daily activities (related to the movement lesson) and the client's movement goals.

The lesson then consists of prepared exercises - based on yoga, somatic and natural movement and developmental kinesiology. The usual lesson begins with mobilization and relaxation exercises first. Then the exercises are continuously connected with the breathing phases (movement and inhale and exhale) and the exercises are followed up (so-called flow). We also work with support and the intention of movement. We also work directly with the focus of the client. The analysis of movement takes place all the time (research where tension accumulates, where there is too much relaxation - hypermobility, how to better organize the body, etc.). We work with space and concentration. In the end, the pace of the lesson calms down and ends with relaxation / meditation. If required, some bodywork techniques are applied (for releasing tension, for directing the breath and focus).


The lesson can also take place at the client's home and, if necessary, in the presence of children. In any case, the home environment and the presence of children often take the client out of the full experience, and therefore it is necessary to take this fact into account.